Gift of the Getaway | Why You Should Give Experiences Instead of Things
Giving a holiday gift can be difficult. That’s why it’s worth considering giving an experience instead of a thing. Experiences have advantages that things don’t.
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Why You Should Give Experiences Instead of Things

People Want Less Stuff. Has Your Holiday Gift-Giving Caught Up?

Giving a holiday gift can be difficult. What do you buy? How do you know it’s right? Will your gift end up treasured?  Or in the donation bin?

That’s why it’s worth considering giving an experience instead of a thing. Experiences have advantages that things don’t.

How Do You Know Which Thing Is the Right Thing?

You know your Dad is into fishing. And you know he’d really like a new reel because he had to retire ol’ faithful this year. But which reel exactly does he want? After all, he’s the expert, not you. Do you try and track down the same model as before and assume he doesn’t want an upgrade? Ask for advice from the tackle shop and hope the kid there knows what he’s talking about? Just ask Dad and maybe ruin the surprise?

A fisher knows what reel he wants more than the generous people in his life who want to gift him one. It’s hard to choose the right thing as a gift because lots of things require expertise. But if you give an experience, though, you just need to know how someone likes to spend their time. So a better solution is to give Dad a fishing weekend on Georgian Bay.

Most of Us Don’t Need More Things

Downsizing and minimalism are major trends these days. The self-storage industry is booming. Why? We all, collectively, have too much stuff. And we want to get rid of it. When you’re selecting a gift, how can you be sure it won’t end up in a storage unit or even worse, a landfill?

Nobody’s ever said they want to downsize the experiences in their life. You don’t have to store a spa weekend in Prince Edward County. And a Saturday spent snowshoeing in the Kawarthas won’t get in the way of anyone’s minimalism.

Memories Last Longer Than Things…and Can Be Shared

Things break. They get lost. They become obsolete. We lend things out and they disappear. Or we move and get rid of things. (That’s one reason why thrift shops and landfills are overflowing.)

Experiences, on the other hand, can turn into beautiful memories, and memories stay with a person longer than things ever do. A sunset you share with a loved one in Algonquin Park isn’t just something you keep forever: it’s something you share (and we not just talking on Instagram).

The Most Valuable Gift Is Your Time

If you’ve ever proudly displayed your child’s artwork on the fridge, you know it isn’t there because glitter and macaroni makes the prettiest combination in the world. It’s there because the time it took to make it is a precious gift.

When you give someone an experience and choose to share it with them, you’re giving the gift of your time. Giving your Dad a new reel says “I know you like fishing, Dad.” Giving your Dad a gift certificate for a fishing trip on Georgian Bay says “I know you like fishing, Dad, and I want to spend my time fishing with you.”

No glitter or macaroni required.

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